Own A Small Vehicle Fleet? 3 Steps For Taking Care Of Your Commercial Fleet

Posted on: 4 April 2018

If you own multiple commercial vehicles, you have a small fleet of vehicles. When you own enough commercial vehicles to have a small fleet of vehicles, you need to develop a plan and a system for managing and taking care of your vehicles.

Find a Trusted Mechanic

The first thing you need to do is find a trusted auto body and repair shop that works on commercial vehicles to partner with. Many auto body and repair will sign fleet repair contracts with you, agreeing that you will first bring all of your vehicles to them and that they will put working on your vehicle above other vehicle work. Many shops that sign fleet contracts also have dedicated mechanics that only work on fleet vehicles. This will allow you to develop a relationship with a trusted auto repair shop and a team of trusted mechanics.

Create A Maintenance Plan

Second, work together with the auto repair shop to create a maintenance schedule for your trucks. You don't want your trucks to break down when they are out on the job, which is why preventative maintenance is so important with fleet vehicles. You want to keep your trucks on the job and on the road as much as possible.

Set up at which mileage you will bring in vehicles to have all the major systems checked. Schedule regular oil and fluid changes. Be sure to include time to check all systems for wear and tear, and build room in your repair time for preventative measures.

Work with Your Drivers

Third, you need to work with your drivers. Have your drivers keep logs of how much they drive, when they drive, and anything that they notice with their trucks. Let your driver's know at which mileage points to alert you so that you can schedule a maintenance appointment for their vehicle.

Develop a system that allows your mechanics to report issues with their vehicle to you. Your drivers are the ones who are behind the wheel and know their vehicles the best. Proactive drivers that let you know when they notice changes in your vehicle are just as important as a maintenance plan. Make sure that you have a formal plan that allows your drivers to communicate effectively with you about their vehicles.

If you now own a small fleet of commercial vehicles, you need to have a plan for taking care of them. Find an auto repair and body shop to partner with to take care of your vehicles and create a maintenance and prevention plan for your vehicles. Make sure you also set up a formal system of reporting mileage and issues with your fleet vehicles for your drivers, who know the vehicles they drive on a daily basis the best.

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