3 Head Turning Semi Truck Restoration Projects For Old School Drivers

Posted on: 13 February 2018

Are you a truck driver with years of experience and a passion for big rigs? Restoring an old truck brings back memories and gives you the opportunity to add all the bells and whistles that you have always wanted to your truck. What type of driving do your do? Are you a highway driver that spends weeks or months on the road? Or, are you a driver that hauls loads locally or regionally and spend most of your time at home? Depending on what type of driving you do, you may want to do one type of restoration or another. Here are some head-turning semi-truck restoration projects that will be right for you:

1. Cabover White Freightliner for A True Classic Truck

If you drive locally and want to have a truck that people remember, early white freightliner models are a great choice. These trucks come in various configurations, which include sleeper cabs, dump trucks and tanker bodies. If you are a business owner that needs a small fleet, restoring classic cabover models is a great way to brand your business, so people remember your tucks. Since little changed in the design over the years, it is not too hard to install a classic cab over modern truck chassis, which is something that a freightliner dealer can help you with.

2. Performance with Late '70s and '80s Conventional Cab Freightliner

If you want a truck that is built for performance, consider the late '70s and '80s model freightliner trucks. These can have standard cabs or sleepers, depending on the type of traveling you are planning on doing. These trucks make for great restoration projects because there are so many options for customization and performance parts. These are great models if you want to do a completely customized restoration that you can take to auto and truck shows.

3. Custom Sleeper Cab Freightliner Models for Comfort on The Highway

For driving long hauls on the highway, you want to be comfortable. Custom freightliner sleeper cabs are a great option for classic restorations with comfort. Consider '80s models that already have the basic shell of the sleeper and good engine, transmission and rear end. The classic box-style looking models were built all the way up through the late '90s, so there are plenty of used freightliner trucks available that just need a few repairs and improvements to get them back on the road and looking like new again.

These are some of the classic semi-truck models that you may want to consider for big rig restoration projects. If you are looking for a truck to restore and customize, contact a used Freightliner dealer to help find just what you are looking for. Visit a site like http://www.arrowtruck.com/ for more help.