3 Options For Dealing With A Totaled Car

Posted on: 25 November 2018

After a car accident, you might have been left with a totaled car. You could be wondering what your options are for dealing with your totaled car since you obviously can't use it in its current condition. As the owner of the vehicle, you have a few different options for dealing with it, including these three options.

1. Fix it Up

First, even if your car has been totaled, this does not necessarily mean that you can't have the car repaired. Instead, it simply means that repairing the car might be expensive and might cost you more than what the car will be worth after it's repaired. If you can do some of the repair work yourself, if you can find good deals on parts, or if you know someone who will do the work cheaply, repairing the car might be a more realistic option than you realize. Before you get rid of the car, you might want to explore the option to fix it up to see if that's something that you might be interested in.

2. Sell it As-Is

If you don't want to fix up your car, you might be hoping that you can sell it. Even though you might not expect to get a lot of money for your totaled car, you could be hoping that you will get a little bit of money to put toward buying a new one. If you can find someone who might want to fix it up or use it for parts, then you might be able to get a decent amount for it, even if it's in totaled condition. Just make sure that the person you sell it to is aware of the damage and the fact that you are selling the totaled car as-is.

3. Junk It

You might be worried about whether or not you can find someone who will be interested in purchasing your car in its current condition. Even if you think that you might be able to find someone who can purchase the car as it is, you might not want to go through the whole hassle right now, particularly if you're in the midst of recovering from a car accident. Instead of going through all of that hassle, you could sell your car to a vehicle salvage service.

Then, you will be able to sell the car in any condition, including if it's totaled and completely inoperable, and you should be able to sell it within a day or two of contacting the junk car buying service instead of having to wait to find a buyer and then having to go through all of the steps and hassles of selling a car.